Gunslinger Competition:5 This fast-draw bracket-style competition combines speed and accuracy for a fun and challenging event.  Competitors,  paired up against each other, must knock down the designated targets (standard 1/10 scale NRA Chicken, Pig, Turkey and Ram targets) at varying distances in the shortest time possible.  Everyone is guaranteed at least 2 matches. For Gunslinger Competition rules click here.

Field Target: Spanning over the course of the entire weekend, the Field Target Competition will feature Open, Hunter and WFTF classes.  Whether you are positioned in prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing – the September wind and weather conditions will make striking the “kill zone” that much more challenging.  For all Field Target Competition rules click here.

PayDay Challenge: Competitors in this event will test their skills to hit targets at varying distances for a chance to win $200!  For all PayDay Challenge details and rules click here.

3 thoughts on “Competitions

  1. Out of our “Pittsburgh” group we have 10+ guys that are Air Pistol competitors. None are quick draw guys. Silhouette, 10m,”walk in the woods” type events.
    Pistol events would be appreciated.

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