Payday Challenge

Win $200 in the Pyramyd Payday Challenge – It’s only $5 to enter!

The Pyramyd Payday Challenge will be held on Friday the 25th of August.  On site, registration is available for those who have not already registered online.  For 2017, we are changing up the competition a bit!

Each shooter will get a total of 6 shots.

  • Target distance 10 yards
  • 2 shots per target
  • All shots taken from the offhand/standing position
Target #1 – 1-1/2″ kill zone, 2 shots @ 1 point each = 2 points max
Target #1 – 1″ kill zone, 2 shots @ 2 point each = 4 points max
Target #3 – 1/2″ kill zone, 2 shots @ 3 point each = 6 points max
12 points max
Person with the highest score wins the $200 Grand Prize

Event will not be timed.  In the event of a tie, there will be a shoot-off to determine the winner.

Rifles used will be Air Arms T-200’s with aperture sights pre-sighted in.



One thought on “Payday Challenge

  1. What are the guns used for each poetion of the challenge? Also will the open sights be a dead on or sox o’clock hold?

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