Registration for the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup will be announced soon!  Check back often!

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  1. Are gas piston break barrel rifles allowed in Springer competition or do they have a gas piston class ? I would love to sign up if gas piston break barrel are allowed in competition.

  2. I have two .25 caliber pcp air rifles. Am I limited in the events I can participate in or is the competition open to all caliber?

    • Joseph

      For the Gunslynger, the rules state that anything .22 cal and under is allowed. So no .25 there. For FT, you could use a .25, but it would need to be under 20 FPE at the muzzle. Which would likely require a lot of tuning to do with most .25 PCP’s and result in a very pronounced trajectory.

  3. Tyler, I regret that I am not going to get there. Wife waiting for surgery. I had registered and looked fwd to another great match

  4. Tyler Patner

    I got the “your order has shipped” email on 3/9. Now what do I have to do to provide my registration information, e.g, gun, class, pellet, etc?

  5. Hi Banquet will be Saturday?
    Manuel from PR
    Said ,
    – 1 Lunch Ticket for Saturday
    – 1 Lunch Ticket for Sunday
    – 1 Dinner Banquet Ticket for Saturday

    • Hi Jim – there will be a 2019 event. Dates are August 23-25. New venue as well. We will have more information announced shortly.

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