2017 Match Recap

A look down the firing line

Whew!  Another Cup has come and gone, and I can’t help but let out a sigh of relief while looking back on the weekend.  Maybe that’s because I was holding my breath for the majority of the weekend, but more likely, I’m just tired.  Before we get to the details of the match though, I need to say my Thank You’s.  First, THANK YOU to all of the shooters and spectators that attended.  It can’t be said enough just how much of the success of this event is owed to the word of mouth advertising.  The way shooters that have been coming to the Cup since the inception four years ago talk about the event now is a testament.  I spent a lot of the weekend interviewing shooters, and the praise was humbling.  Whether you traveled a long way, or just down the road, if you made it out in any capacity…please know that you have my utmost gratitude.  Your attendance and support are what allow us to continue putting more and more into the Cup and it’s what pushes our vendors/sponsors to maintain and increase their support year after year.  On that same note, THANK YOU to all of the incredible sponsors that support the event.  Feinwerkbau, Umarex, Walther, Weihrauch, H&N, JSB/Predator International, Diana, AirForce, Air Arms, Hawke, Leapers/UTG, Hatsan, ASG and Swab-Its.  I don’t believe the event would have the draw it does (especially for newer shooters) without your donations and support.  The prizes, raffle items, and swag-bag giveaways all contribute to making the Cup a first class event.  And last, but most certainly not least, THANK YOU to my fellow employees that contribute in more ways than I can describe to making the event what it is.  Thank you for the tireless effort and support you’ve given to the event, the competitors and the company.  

A view of the target up the berm, set at 55 yards

The Cup officially started for the PA crew on Thursday the 24th.  We head down to Tusco to set up everything.  Tusco Rifle Club is not our FT club’s normal shooting location, so this requires a large effort from both our FT club (OAFTSA) and the PA staff.  With the targets prepped and painted, the hard part comes in laying out the range and FT courses.  I was really pleased with the layout and feedback from our courses last year.  We had an open course on one of the ranges and a more wooded course down in a valley area of Tusco that was normally unused.  However, this layout meant a lot of walking for shooters and more running for me.  The choice had been made to use a brand new range for the 2017 Cup, Tusco’s 300 meter main range.  This range is normally used for silhouette shoots and is very well maintained.  But because of some of the space constraints, we were only able to fit a total of 26 lanes (13 per course) on the range.  This meant a 104 shot match.  The layout would be similar to a World Championship match where the courses are supposed to run together.  Meaning you have two courses (Red and White in our case) and they run lane 1 red, lane 1 white, lane 2 red, lane 2 white and so on.  This is nice because you get to mingle with shooters from other classes that you likely wouldn’t get to spend time with at other matches with two separate courses.  

All is calm before the shooters take the line

We shot across the range, which put the targets over 45 yards on this nice berm that made for some interesting target placements.  Knowing the course would be largely in the open, I set them on the easy side of the allowed troyer scale at 28.6T for the red course and 28.4T for the white course.  Most of the shooters had one of two reactions when hearing what the Troyer figures were for the courses, the first was a look of shock followed by “NO WAY” and maybe an expletive or two.  The second was a look of disappointment and depression accompanied by no words, not because they wanted a harder course, but because they were getting their butt kicked by the course.  Over the years at Tusco I have learned to allow for one thing when setting a course, and that is lots of wind.  The forecast didn’t call for much wind, but after set up, I knew that wouldn’t be the case.  The wind was whipping through the range with unpredictable gusts.  You could stand at the firing line and feel zero wind then look at the trees on the berm 50 yards away and see nothing but waving leaves and bending branches.  I made a joke to Rossi (host of American Airgunner) at one point during the first day of the competition, that I was telling folks I wasn’t shooting because I wanted to give them a chance.  In reality, I was glad I wasn’t shooting…at least in those tricky winds.  It’s usually great experience but very humbling.  And I believe the scores reflect that.  The red course featured 38% of the targets over 40 yards while the white course had 42% over 40 yards, coupled with the wind, this is where the course took its toll on most shooters.  

Neil Younggren sights in his rifle on Friday

We got everything set in relatively short order and returned on Friday morning greeted by many familiar faces and plenty of new ones.  In total, we had over 108 registrants for the Cup this year.  A few last minute cancellations, and we ended up right at 100 with no shows factored in.  96 of those shooters were signed up for the FT match.  As shooters checked in and headed to the sight in range, I spent some time talking with old friends and looking at the equipment shooters brought with them.  We had an extremely diverse group of shooters from all over the country.  States/territories represented include: OH, IL, PA, WI, WV, NJ, NY, CT, MA, MD, CA, AZ, TN, AR, GA, NC, VA, MI, MN, FL, ME, IN, KY, IA, CO, TX, and Puerto Rico.  At 2pm the Payday challenge started, and this year we changed things up from years past.  We used the Air Arms T200 10m PCP rifle with aperture sights for 3 FT targets at 10 yards.  Each shooter took two shots at each of the three targets, each with a different kill zone size.  The first was the easiest with a 1.5” KZ, then a 1” KZ and finally a tiny ½” KZ.  And of course, in true 10m fashion, all shots had to be taken standing.  You received 1 point for knocking over the first target, 2 points for the second target and 3 points for the third.  The shooter with the most points after all competitors had shot takes home $200.  After everyone had taken their shots and all was said and done, David Slade (famed airgun tuner and former US National FT Champ) was the winner with 9 points out of 12.  Well done David!  

David Slade

As the day wound down, the attention shifted to the FT match the next morning, and when the sun finally rose, there was a crisp chill on the air.  It felt like a superb fall morning, As I put a final round of lube on the targets and double checked everything, competitors began to roll in and sight in their guns.  Thankfully, the wind was quite calm which allowed many competitors to get a good read on how their equipment was doing, but the cold temps definitely left some shooters changing things around.  This is one of the great conundrums an FT shooter faces during a sight in session, to change things or not to change them.  In a lot of ways, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.  It always helps to remember where you were hitting in those cooler temps, knowing things are bound to warm up as the match continues.  But sometimes, if you don’t take note and don’t make changes, you’re left helpless when you start shooting the match.  We gathered everyone for the shooters meeting and went over safety and the usual run through of how things should go.  After calling the squads and distributing the score cards, the squads made their way to their respective lanes and the shooting began.  As a match director, the first lane or so is the most troublesome time of a match as this is when you find out if there are major target malfunctions or not.  There was one string that got hooked up on a target early, but other than that, things went smoothly.  I took my first sigh of relief at that point.  The day went on smoothly and we conducted lots of shooter interviews and talked to shooters both new and experienced.  One of the best parts of the Cup for me, is watching and helping out new shooters as they go.  I always try to pair new shooters with more experienced folks that can help them out.  They quickly find that FT shooters are super friendly and more than willing to help a fellow competitor out.  It’s an awesome camaraderie that keeps folks coming back with smiles on their faces.  

Bill Rabbitt (L) and Ray Apelles (R)

As shooters started coming off the line and turning in scores, I saw some impressive numbers.  David Slade and Neil Younggren turned in 47/52 for the high score in WFTF PCP, Will Piatt put up a superb 48 in Open PCP, followed closely by Brian Van Liew with a 47.  Tom Himes put in a stellar 46 in Hunter PCP, to take a commanding lead over Mike Schultz and his brother Dennis Himes, both on 43.  On the piston side, Nathan Thomas put up a 40 to take a one point lead over Steve English in WFTF.  In Hunter, 2016 champ Paul Manktelow took a dominant lead over the field with a 37.  Many of the shooters struggled with winds that you can’t see as the range is mowed very low and between your rifle and the tree/berm line, things can be quite mysterious.  There are very few shots that are straight forward on the two courses and with so many long shots, things quickly become a battle of the mind.  Keeping your composure and reading the wind are paramount at the Cup and the names at the top of the score sheets did it the best.      

Almost every lane was full with squads of 4 shooters

The competitors broke for lunch, which was served in Tusco’s main clubhouse which has a full kitchen and we set up vendors in there as well.  Each time I went in, I saw many competitors talking with folks from Hawke, UTG/Leapers, H&N, Predator International (JSB Importer) and Diana.  It’s great to have sponsors actually on site to talk to users of their product.  And the sponsors enjoy the opportunity to discuss their product with the users themselves.  I should also mention that the weather was absolutely phenomenal!  We were blessed with temps in the high 70s and nothing but sunshine.  Sadly for competitors, the wind did creep in towards the early afternoon hours, but I can tell you as someone watching and not shooting….that breeze was incredibly cooling as the sun pounded down.  

Greg Sauve takes aim

After lunch, we started on the Gunslynger.  This year the distances were standardized between the PCP and Springer divisions, so all targets were at 10, 25, 40 and 55 yards.  This meant we could have competitors shoot both PCP and Springer if they chose to.  What an incredible opportunity, think about winning both brackets and taking home $2000!  I was surprised that we only had about 8 people take up the challenge of shooting both brackets.  But I suppose it’s better to be a master of one skill than mediocre at two.  After all, the 1/10th scale silhouettes are not kind and with the wind picking up, the challenge is far more pronounced than most anticipate.  We started the springer brackets first.  Right out of the gate we had some incredible match ups that came down to the last target.  Nic Gregoris and Virgilio (Leo) Gonzales put on an incredible show, coming down to the last target.  It doesn’t get much closer than this one, and if I hadn’t been watching myself, we would have had a shoot off.  Nic and Leo sent their final shots at almost the exact same time, but Nic’s found the mark with more pop and send the target down first.  It was something you had to see to believe, but it’s exactly what makes the Gunslynger so much fun and what I believe to be the only airgun spectator sport out there.  As things continued, we finally whittled the field down to the last four who would shoot on Sunday for the prize money.  Jerry LaRocca and Hector Medina would square off on one end of the draw and Ray Apelles and Nic Gregoris on the other.  

Hector Medina during the Gunslynger

We then started the PCP bracket, and it was amazing at how much faster the shooting went.  There were some great matchups in the early rounds but two people made their presence felt early on.  The first was Bill Rabbitt, runner up from last year and the other was Greg Sauve, the 2016  Gunslynger champion.  I want to say that Bill finished his first round at right about a minute, it was blazing fast.  And Greg was not far behind.  Both looked on pace to make it to the final.  But we ended the day with those two in the semi-finals, Greg up against Dan Putz and Bill shooting against Andy Burns on Sunday.  

Steve Bleistein and his AA Galahad during the Gunslynger

Saturday night is always fun because of the banquet held at the Elks Lodge in Midvale.  It’s a nice venue and I have never seen it so packed.  With many shooters bringing along their significant others.  It’s a night full of good food and fellowship.  The highlight of the night is always the raffle, we had scopes from Hawke and Leapers, rifles from Diana, ASG and Stoeger, and a Remington target pack.  All found new homes thanks to Rossi Morreale and Kristen Coss running the raffle.


Sunday morning the shooters returned with a much more serious tone in the air.  Typical of FT matches, day two is always the more serious day with the top shooters putting on their game faces to try and take the top spot.  The morning was more calm but you could see some tricky winds on the trees at the berm.  It was a war of attrition, with each lane representing its own skirmish, the course and elements against the shooters.  There were a few shooters that managed not to break, Will Piatt and Brian Van Liew in Open PCP both stayed strong and flipped day one results to end in a tie at 97/104.  A shoot off would be needed to decide the top spot in Open.  Neil Younggren hung in there too with a 48 on day two to take the top spot in WFTF PCP.  Greg Sauve and Bill Corder were both a few shots behind with Greg edging Bill by one to take 2nd.  Nathan Thomas held off a hard charge from Steve English to take WFTF Piston by two shots.  Mike Schultz brought his A game on day two, managing to climb back on day one high scorer Dennis Himes and punch his ticket with a stellar 50/52.  Tom Himes also clawed back on Dennis to take 2nd place, with Dennis hanging onto 3rd.  And in Hunter Piston, Paul Manktelow repeated as champ, winning the class by a whopping 6 shots.  

Paul Manktelow and his trusty TX200

The Gunslynger semis and finals were shot shortly after the shooters had lunch with the springers again going first.  Nic Gregoris continued his winning ways pushing past Ray Apelles and Hector Medina overcame a long (and I mean really long) match with Jerry LaRocca to set up the finals and 3rd place match.  In the 3rd place match between Jerry and Ray, Ray took a commanding lead.  As he worked his way down to his last target, it was clear that Jerry was having some gun troubles and was likely wiped out from his long battle with Hector.  Ray made a joke about helping Jerry out by shooting some of his targets, and much to my own surprise, he actually started shooting Jerry’s targets!  The rules are very clear on this, and if you shoot your opponents targets, you are disqualified.  Sadly, I had to make that call, which means Jerry took home 3rd place and the $250 prize.  Reminds me of something my parents used to tell me at the dinner table that I would later learn applied very much to hunting, “never play with your food!”  Ray was a good sport about it and I know he didn’t mean any ill will by shooting Jerry’s targets. But rules are rules.  Nic and Hector squared off in the final shortly after and Nic made quick work of Hector to take home the grand prize of $1000!  Absolutely fantastic shooting Nic, another feather to add to your cap of success at such a young age.  

Nic Gregoris and the Beeman R10 that would help him win the Gunslynger

On the PCP side, both Greg and Bill made relatively quick work of Andy Burns and Dan Putz in the semis.  Interestingly, Greg finished the round before Bill, which Bill verbally acknowledged as he was still shooting his semi final match.  It never ceases to amaze me how much this competition can get into a shooters head.  Nonetheless, the final and 3rd place matches were set.  Dan and Andy put on a good show, with Dan coming out on top to claim the $250 prize.  Then it was time for the main event, a repeat of the 2016 final between Bill and Greg.  From the second the match started, it was clear that both shooters meant business.  Bill took an early lead but missed a few shots in a row which allowed Greg to close the gap.  They were working in opposite directions, with Greg shooting near to far and Bill working from the rams on in.  It came down to the last target for each shooter and it looked like Greg was going to sneak away with it, but he missed his last shot on his last ram.  Not one second later, Bill put a pellet into the last 10 yard chicken to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!  It was a fitting ending to the Gunsylnger and one that I am sure both shooters will hold with them until next year!  And I cannot wait to see that!

Bill Rabbitt and his championship Benjamin Armada .22

But wait, there’s more!  We had one more score to settle with Brian Van Liew and Will Piatt going head to head in a shoot off for the Open Class crown!  We set a 1” KZ target between 35 and 40 yards (if my eyes served me correctly) and gave each shooter one shot.  We started from the seated position and both shooters took the target down with ease.  Then we moved to kneeling and both shooters did the same.  Upon making that shot, I had both shooters take the shot standing.  Brian shot first and could not knock the target over, which left Will an opening to close the door and claim the title.  He took his time and finally dropped the target, taking the Open Class title.  Well done to both shooters!  It was a good show.  

Will Piatt

We headed back to the clubhouse for the awards presentation.  This year we were doing the awards for FT a bit differently.  All of the first place shooters would select a number from a hat (1-5) to determine the selection order for prizes.  The shooter with the highest score, selected their number first.  Then the second place shooters, and finally the third place shooters.  It was interesting to watch how it all shook out.  Nathan Thomas, winner of the WFTF Piston class, drew number 1 giving him first selection, and as expected, he selected the FWB 800 FT Basic.  The prizes included a case of JSB pellets, an Ataman M2R Carbine, an Air Arms S510, a Hawke Sidewinder ED scope, Umarex Gauntlet, Leapers Bubble Leveler scope, Diana 340 N-Tec Limited Edition, Diana 52, a Weihrauch HW97k, an Air Venturi 98 cu ft. tank, a Walther LGU, an AirForce Texan .308, Hatsan Bullboss and the Air Venturi V10 pistol.  Once the prizes were gone, we closed the shoot and said our goodbye’s.  

The match director may have snuck a shot or two in while trying a competitors rifle

With another Cup in the books, I must say, it’s a truly humbling and rewarding experience every time.  To have so many great shooters, airgunners and friends gathered together around something we have worked so hard to build is a gift.  Everyone that has attended over the years, whether it was just for one year or you’ve been coming since the beginning, THANK YOU.  The Cup is ever evolving and we are already working on making number five bigger and better.  So from all of us here at Pyramyd Air that make the Cup happen, we invite you to come shoot with us in 2018.  You may not go home a winner in your class, but I can guarantee you will learn a few things, meet some great people and enjoy some excellent airgun shooting.  And if you need more reason than that, I can’t help ya!  

See ya next year!

-Tyler Patner


Hunter PCP Champ, Mike Schultz
Hunter PCP Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Mike Schultz 43 50 93
Thomas Himes 46 46 92
Dennis Himes 43 46 89
Jeff Little 41 41 82
Bill Day 39 40 79
Tim Baylor 40 39 79
Douglas Rogers 38 34 72
Tom Miller 35 36 71
Andrew Burns 38 33 71
Greg Vaughan 32 39 71
Robert Felton 34 36 70
Phil Eakley 31 38 69
Sean McDaniel 29 39 68
Camden Meyer 33 35 68
Shawn Pragle 32 35 67
Betsy Dunlap 29 36 65
Ted Andro 30 33 63
Chad Kentner 23 40 63
Michael Clark 24 36 60
Doug Dunlap 28 29 57
Joe Tricomi 22 34 56
Sue Tenney 25 29 54
Justin Long 18 35 53
wally miller 24 27 51
John Marciniak 26 24 50
Darrell Payne 23 24 47
Doug Johnson 26 20 46
Ken Burley 22 24 46
Chuck Payne 16 24 40
Dennis Baker 18 22 40
Natalie Putz 18 20 38
Bill Duranti 27 8 35
Pat Scott 15 20 35
Ed Wood 8 24 32
Mickey Webster 15 12 27
Rossi Morreale 0 22 22
Ronald Ours 14 0 14
Kyle Settle 6 0 6


Open PCP Champ, Will Piatt
Open PCP * Decided via Shootoff Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Will Piatt 48 49 97*
Brian Van Liew 47 50 97*
Gary Palinkas 44 48 92
Manuel Gonzalez Delgado 42 45 87
Micheal Harris 42 43 85
Paul Porch 41 43 84
Chris Corey 40 43 83
Mike Norris 41 41 82
Skip Tenney 40 40 80
Nicolas Gregoris 32 41 73
Roger Barker 34 38 72
Dennis Todd 36 32 68
Albert Otter 27 37 64
Joseph Snyder 32 23 55
Brian Vargo 24 26 50
Dave Hitchcock 24 25 49
Kevin Snyder 22 22 44
Robert Brown 20 13 33
WFTF PCP Champ, Neil Younggren
WFTF PCP Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Neil Younggren 47 48 95
Greg Sauve 44 49 93
Bill Corder 45 47 92
David Slade 47 43 90
Tom Holland 43 47 90
Ron Brown 46 43 89
Brian Vandenboom 43 44 87
Peter Brooks 40 47 87
Bill Rabbitt 42 38 80
Mike Niksch 40 39 79
Rob Seiden 36 42 78
Waldemar Goldis 37 40 77
Bruce Scott 36 41 77
Ryan Parks 41 36 77
Ron Carlson 28 36 64
Hunter Piston Champ, Paul Manktelow
Hunter Piston Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Paul Manktelow 37 29 66
Eric Brewer 26 34 60
Jim Cyran 33 25 58
David Kokai 26 28 54
Eric Jones 19 34 53
Michael Finchum 19 28 47
Daniel Putz 14 25 39
Chao-Hsien Lee 16 12 28
Gavin Lever 13 12 25
yvonne hseih 8 12 20
Reid Saul 2 0 2
WFTF Piston Champ, Nathan Thomas
WFTF Piston Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Nathan Thomas 40 42 82
Steve English 39 41 80
Raymond Apelles 36 42 78
Virgilio Gonzales 37 40 77
Matt Sawyer 30 43 77
Manuel Morales 35 40 75
Jeff Paddock 36 35 71
Jerry LaRocca 31 34 65
Tinh Nguyen 31 26 57
Pedro Abreu 22 33 55
Open Piston Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Hector J Medina Gomez 30 36 66
Freestyle PCP Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Hans Apelles 19 40 59
Freestyle Piston Day 1 /52 Day 2 /52 Total /104
Ming Qian 31 26 57



Gunslynger results:



Equipment List

Hans Apelles FreeStyle PCP Crosman 1720 rifle 0.177 Leupold Comp 35 AA 8.4gr
Sue Tenney Hunter PCP Daystate Regal 0.177 Hawke 3-12 Kodak
Sean McDaniel Hunter PCP FX Streamline 0.177 Hawke Airmax 6-32 JSB 8.4
Doug Johnson Hunter PCP Benjamin Marauder 0.177 Aeon JSB 10.3
Ronald Ours Hunter PCP Air Arms 400 SL 0.177 Aeon 4-16×40 Crosman cph
Bill Duranti Hunter PCP Air Arms S400-SL 0.177 Nikko Stirling Nighteater LRX CPH .177cal./10.5gr.
Shawn Pragle Hunter PCP Benjamin Marauder 0.177 Aeon 8x32x50 JSB 10.34
Robert Felton Hunter PCP Air Arms S 500 0.177 Nikko Stirling Nighteater 4-16 JSB 10.3 gr heavies
Tom Miller Hunter PCP Air Arms S 500 0.177 Clearridge 10.5 gr. CPH boxed
Mickey Webster Hunter PCP Air Arms S510-TC 0.177 4.5x14x52 10.6 gr
Ken Burley Hunter PCP Crosman Challenger 0.177 Leapers 10×50 Air Arms 8.4
Darrell Payne Hunter PCP Weihrauch HW 100 0.177 UTG 4-16x JSB Exact Heavy
Chuck Payne Hunter PCP BSA Scorpion SE 0.177 UTG 3-12x JSB exact Heavy
Kyle Settle Hunter PCP Benjamin Maximus 0.177 CP 3-9x Crosman Premier
Andrew Burns Hunter PCP RAW TM1000 0.177 Sightron 10-50×60 JSB 10.3
Bill Day Hunter PCP Thomas 0.177 Sightron lll FT JSB 13.43
wally miller Hunter PCP marauder 0.177 Hawke 4-12 jsb
Dennis Baker Hunter PCP Daystate Wolverine 0.177 Hawke Sidewinder JSB 8.44
Natalie Putz Hunter PCP Crosman 1720T <12FPE 0.177 Athlon Talos 3-12 H&N Sniper Medium
LYNN HECKAMAN Hunter PCP Talon SS 0.177 Airforce 4-16×50 JSB Exact 7.33
Betsy Dunlap Hunter PCP Maurader 0.177 hawke sidwinder 40-16X50 JSB 10.34gr
Doug Dunlap Hunter PCP FX Royal 400 0.22 Hawke Air Max 4-32X50 JSB 15.89gr
Greg Vaughan Hunter PCP FX-400 0.22 Hawke 4-16x JSB 18.1
Rossi Morreale Hunter PCP Umarex Gauntlet 0.22 hawke Sidewinder ED JSB
Phil Eakley Hunter PCP RAW TM1000 0.177 Hawke ED 10-50 JSB 13.43
Douglas Rogers Hunter PCP weihrauch HW 100 0.177 Hawke 10-50×60 JSB 10.3
Ted Andro Hunter PCP benjamin marauder 0.177 hawke 4-16×50 sidewinder jsb 10.34
Mike Schultz Hunter PCP Thomas Carbine 0.177 Hawke 8-32×50 13.4 gr
Camden Meyer Hunter PCP Benjamin Marauder 0.177 Airmax 30 8-32×50 Air Arms Field Heavy 10.34gr
Michael Clark Hunter PCP HW100 0.177 Hawke SW 8-24 JSB 10.3
Dennis Himes Hunter PCP Daystate mct 0.177 Hawke sidewinder 4-16 JSB 10.3
Thomas Himes Hunter PCP Daystate Air Wolfe MCT 0.177 Hawke ED Air Arms 10.3
Tim Baylor Hunter PCP Steyr LG110 0.177 Hawke Sidewinder 4 x 16 JSB 10.3
Justin Long Hunter PCP Benjamin marauder 0.177 UTG swat 3-12×44 JSB 10.34
Joe Tricomi Hunter PCP benjamin maurder 0.22 hawke 4-16×44 Jsb 18.13
John Marciniak Hunter PCP Condor SS 0.22 3-12 JSB 18.13
Jeff Little Hunter PCP AA S510 0.177 Hawke 4-16 JSB 10.3
Chad Kentner hunter pcp fx400 0.177 aztek 4-20 JSB 10.3
Ed Wood hunter pcp kral 0.177 Kral Puncher Mega H&N 10.65
Pat Scott Hunter PCP Hatsan AT 44 0.22 Muller 8-32 AA Falcon 13.43
Skip Tenney Open PCP Steyr (I hope) LG110 0.177 Sightron 10-50 JSB Monster
Mike Norris Open PCP Steyr Challenge 0.177 Sightron Slll ft AA 10.3
Paul Porch Open PCP Steyr LG110FT 0.177 Sightron 10-50×60 FTIRMOA 2 AA 10.35
Brian Van Liew Open PCP FX400 FT 0.177 Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60mm AA 10.3
Joseph Snyder Open PCP Anschutz 2025 0.177 MTC Viper 4-16×50 Air Arms 10.3gr
Will Piatt Open PCP Steyr LG110 0.177 Sightron 1050 FT AA 10.34
Brian Vargo Open PCP Kalibrgun Cricket 0.22 AEON 6X24 JSB or Airarms
Robert Brown Open PCP Air Arms FTP 900 0.177 Hawke Sidewinder 30 6-24×56 H&N Field Target Trophy Power 8.8
Kevin Snyder Open PCP FX Whisper T12 0.177 UTG 4-16×50 Air Arms 10.3gr
Manuel Gonzalez Delgado Open PCP MGD Custom 0.177 Leopul Competition 35×45 Jsb 10.34
Roger Barker Open PCP AA Pro Target 0.177 Sightron 10-50X60 AA 10.3 gr
Chris Corey Open PCP Steyr LG110 0.177 March X 8-80 JSB 13.4
Nicolas Gregoris Open PCP Air Arms S300 0.177 Hawke Airmax 8-32×56 AA 10.34
Dennis Todd Open PCP Steyr LG 110 0.177 Sightron III JSB 13.4
Micheal Harris Open PCP Styer lg110 0.2 Sightron Jsb
Albert Otter Open PCP Usft 16 0.177 March Premier 10 5
Gary Palinkas Open PCP RAW HM1000 0.177 Hawke 30sf 6-24×50 JSB 10.34
Dave Hitchcock Open PCP FTP 900 0.177 Hawke 10-50 JSB 8.4
Brian Vandenboom WFTF PCP Steyr LG110BV 0.177 Sightron SIII 10-50×60 JSB 7.87
David Slade WFTF PCP Steyr LG110 0.177 Nikko 10-50 JSB 8.4
Waldemar Goldis WFTF PCP AA MPR 0.177 Nikko stirling Jsb 8.4
Bill Corder WFTF PCP Steyr LG110FT 0.177 Leup 35 Competition 7.9 jsb
Bill Rabbitt WFTF PCP Steyr LG110 0.177 Nikko Diamond JSB 7.9
Ron Brown WFTF PCP Steyr LG 110 0.177 Sightron 10x50x60 AA 8.44
Greg Sauve WFTF PCP Thomas carbine 0.177 MarchX JSB 8.4
Bruce Scott WFTF PCP Air Arms EV2 0.177 Nikko Diamond 10-50 x 60 AA 7.87
Peter Brooks WFTF PCP Thomas 0.177 Sightron JSB Exact
Mike Niksch WFTF PCP Thomas FT Carbine 0.177 Leupold Comp 35x Jsb 8.44
Ryan Parks WFTF PCP Steyr LG110 0.177 Hawke 50x JSB 8.44
Tom Holland WFTF PCP Benjamin Marauder. 0.177 Sightron Slll H&N Sniper Medium 8.5 grain
Neil Younggren WFTF PCP Steyr LG100 0.177 BSA 10-50 JSB 8.4
Ron Carlson WFTF PCP TM1000 0.177 BSA 10-50 JSB 8.4
Rob Seiden WFTF PCP Steyr 0.177 Vortex 15-60 AA 8.4
Ming Qian FreeStyle Piston Beeman HW97K 0.2 Leapers HN
Paul Manktelow Hunter Piston Air Arms TX200 0.177 Hawke H&N sniper medium
Michael Finchum Hunter Piston HW 97 0.177 Optisan Viper CPL 7.9
David Kokai Hunter Piston AA TX200 MK3 0.177 UTG 4-16×56 AA Diabolo FH
Reid Saul Hunter Piston Stoeger ATAC 0.177 Aeon Benjamin .177
Jim Cyran Hunter Piston Air Arms TX200 0.177 Optisan Viper 6-24 AA 7.9
Daniel Putz Hunter Piston HW97 0.177 Athlon 4-14×44 FFP H&N FTT
Chao-Hsien Lee Hunter Piston Diana RWS 54 0.22 UTG 3×12
Eric Jones Hunter Piston Diana 54 0.177 Hawke 8-32×50 Air Arms 10.3gr 4.52mm
Gavin Lever Hunter Piston rws 48 0.177 Tech Force 4-12×40 H&N Baracuda
Eric Brewer Hunter Piston Walther LGU 0.177 Sightings 10-50 JSB
yvonne hseih Hunter Piston ruger airmagnum 0.22 leapers
Hector J Medina Gomez Open Piston Diana Mod. 54 0.2 AEON 8-32X50 JSB 13.7 grs
Manuel Morales WFTF Piston AA TX200 0.177 Sightron jsb 7.9
Pedro Abreu WFTF Piston Weihrauch HW 97 0.177 Sigthron SIII 10-50X60 Jsb 7.87
Jerry LaRocca WFTF Piston TX200 MK ll 0.177 Bushnell 8-32×40 AA 8.4
Nathan Thomas WFTF Piston Walther LGU 0.177 Sightron SIII MOA-H 10-50X60 AA 8.4
Steve English WFTF Piston HW97K 0.177 Sightron 10-50×60 JSB Diablo Exact 8.44
Jeff Paddock WFTF Piston HW97 0.177 Leupold Competition 35X CPL 7.9
Virgilio Gonzales WFTF Piston Walther LGU 0.177 Sighthron 10-50×60 AADF 8.4 grain
Raymond Apelles WFTF Piston Diana 54 Bullpup 0.177 March FX5-40 AAA 8.4gr
Matt Sawyer WFTF Piston Diana 54 0.177 Sightrron 10-50×60 AA 7.87
Tinh Nguyen WFTF Piston RWS 54 0.177 Sightron 10-50 JSB 8.4