100 Yard Benchrest

The Pyramyd Cup follows the Airgun Sporting Association 100 Yard Benchrest Rules.  


  • Any safety violations or breakage of range rules will result in your immediate disqualification.  
  • Follow the instructions of the range officers at all times.   
  • Keep your muzzle downrange at all times.


  • Caliber: Air Rifles .35 caliber and below are allowed.  
  • Ammo: Must be mass produced, diabolo pellets. (Example: JSB Exacts, H&N Baracuda, etc.) No slugs or cast ammo allowed.
  • If a shooter believes their target was shot by another competitor, make it known IMMEDIATELY to a range officer by raising your hand and informing the RO. The disputed shot will be investigated at the end of the round.  
  • Tethered tanks are not allowed.  
  • One piece rests are allowed.
  • Muzzle must remain pointed safely downrange at all times.
  • Shooters may refill their guns as many times as necessary during each round. The gun must remain on the bench at all times.  It is acceptable for shooters to keep their tanks near or under their bench during the round.
  • Wind flags/indicators must stay in your shooting lane.
  • If you are not at the line at the beginning of your scheduled round, you will not be competing in that round.  No make-ups will be allowed.
  • Cell phones must be on silent and competitors may not use their phone for communication during their round.
  • Once you have completed your shooting, it is recommended that you remain at your bench until the time for your round has ended.  Your gun must not leave your bench until the range is cold.
  • Guns must be transported from your case to the bench (or from the bench to the case) during a cold line, after the round has ended.
  • Cheating of any form will result in your immediate disqualification from the event.

Scoring and Format

  • 2 Qualifying Rounds shot at a distance of 100 Yards.
  • 1 Final Round at 100 Yards.
  • 25 targets. One shot allowed per scorable target. If multiple shots are taken on the same target, the highest score will be taken.
  • Any shots over 25 in the target area will be a -10 penalty per additional shot on the total score.
  • Shots outside of the 4 ring on a given target will be scored a 3.
  • All rounds have a 30-minute time limit.
  • Bench positions will be randomly drawn for the qualifying rounds. Bench positions will be randomly drawn on-site for the Final round. 
  • The top 12 shooters from each group after 2 qualifying rounds will advance to the finals.
  • If there is a tie, the number of X’s will be used to break the tie.
  • A .35 caliber plug will be used for scoring. 
  • Targets will be scored inward.

Target Dimensions

  • X Ring 0.200
  • 10 Ring 0.520
  • 9 Ring 1.350
  • 8 Ring 2.180
  • 7 Ring 3.010
  • 6 Ring 3.840
  • 5 Ring 4.670
  • 4 Ring 5.500