New for 2019 – The Pyramyd Air Cup is adding a benchrest competition!

  • 2 qualifying rounds at 100 yards
  • 1 final round at 100 yards

Shooters will have 30 minutes to shoot 25 targets (25 shots total per round).  Pellet guns up to .35 caliber may be used with mass produced diabolo pellets only.

More details / official rules coming soon!

7 thoughts on “Benchrest

  1. Would love to attend!, please post info on what yardage’s? like 25m or longer?, classes, such as heavy varmint,open, unlimited etc. and pics of range and firing line/tables etc. Thank you!

  2. An excellent addition to your lineup for 2019. You can rest assured that I’ll be on the firing line for this one and looking forward to all the newness being introduced to the event. We’ll keep adding updates to our Facebook forum, “THE AIRGUN BENCHREST CHANNEL” as you make them available.

  3. Kristen/Tyler
    When do you anticipate that the full set of rules will be released?
    Are there going to be different class in the benchrest competition?
    Will there be a maximum FPE upper limit?

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