Pyramyd Gunslynger Competition: This fast-draw bracket-style competition combines speed and accuracy for a fun and challenging event.  Competitors,  paired up against each other, must knock down the designated targets (standard 1/10 scale NRA Chicken, Pig, Turkey and Ram targets) at varying distances in the shortest time possible. 

Gunslynger Competition rules

Field Target: Spanning over the course of the entire weekend, the Field Target Competition will feature Open, Hunter and WFTF classes.  Whether you are positioned in prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing – the uncertain wind and weather conditions will make striking the “kill zone” that much more challenging. 

 Field Target Competition rules 

Benchrest: This event provides the ultimate test in rifle (and shooter!) precision. Matches are won by just a few thousandths of an inch.  Accuracy, along with factoring in wind, temperature and more elements make this competition a must-do at the Pyramyd AIR Cup.  Think you got what it takes?

Benchrest Competition rules